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Lance Armstrong

Na semana em que estreia em Portugal a documentário sobre "a mentira de Armstrong" (trailer aqui), deixo também os links para uma entrevista do Boss à cyclingnews, com muita coisa interessante para lêr:
Entrevista Parte 1 - Parte 2 - Parte 3 - Parte 4

Apesar de valer a pena lêr tudo.. destaco esta parte: 

DB: Where are the jerseys?
LA: They’re in storage due the current house move. I should have known you’d ask that. If your question is, are they going back up on the wall, the answer is yes.

DB: What do they mean to you?

LA: That’s a hard one to answer. There’s too much static, too much noise. I don’t know. That picture might have been a mistake. 

DB: I’d agree, but that picture aside, when you look at them, what emotions do you feel?

LA: What earned us those jersey was hard work, the team, the tactics, the leadership, the technology the training, are also the things people poke fun of. They say ‘this asshole told us it was the training, it wasn’t the training it was the doping.’ All of those things combined. We did all of those things. So when I see those jerseys… All of the stories that were told were true, about the hard work, the team. I think about the good memories, about the luck, the fucking luck or lack of bad luck we had. The constant obsession with winning one bike race, regardless of what anyone says it all happened. It did. Johan and I sitting and obsessing over one bike race and how could we do it better. So when I see them, I think about that. And I’m not ashamed of them. I’m upset that we were all put in that position and that we made those mistakes.

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